Joe Rogan Defends We Need To Combat Bad Ideas With Good Ideas

MMA legend, and host of the Joe Rogan Experience, Joe Rogan defended free speech social network Gab on his show Monday, stating that they are “committed 100% to free speech.”

In the podcast, his guest, New York Times staff Editor Bari Weiss brought up Gab in connection to the Pittsburgh Synagogue shooter, who had an account there, saying it is a site used by the “far right.”

Rogan points out that reputation is due to the heavy restrictions from other social networks like Facebook and Twitter which makes Gab into a home for views that are frowned upon on more mainstream networks. One thing that Rogan doesn’t point out is that many of the views that Twitter and Facebook will censor are oftentimes not racist, or anti-Semitic, but instead non-politically correct opinions that have historically been accepted prior to the modern hyper-sensitive political climate of today.

The targeting of users like Laura Loomer, who is a Jewish investigative journalist, highlight that point.

Regardless of that point, Rogan makes a solid case for freedom of speech online, pointing out that “the best way to ensure that good ideas get through, is not to suppress bad ideas, but to combat them with better ideas.”


Big League Politics is also committed to free speech, and for that reason we have a Gab account, which you can follow at @BigLeaguePol.

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