Joe Rogan: “I’m Not Buying” Mainstream Media Polls Showing Biden Blowout

Podcaster Joe Rogan explained why he doubts the accuracy of many mainstream media polls indicating that Democrat Joe Biden has a sizable lead over President Donald Trump during his show on Wednesday.

I’m not buying these polls, I’ll tell you that. I don’t believe them. Cause first of all, who the f*** is answering polls? The dumbest people in the world are the ones who answer polls. So out of the dumbest people in the world with nothing to do, most of them are picking Biden.

Rogan restated that many of the polls are being conducted by liberal corporate media networks with a serious bias against President Donald Trump and a preference for Biden.

Says who? Says all of the media outlets that want Trump to lose? How do we know? How do we know if they’re being accurate?

Polling averages have showed Biden with questionable 10-point leads, a figure that is unprecedented in any modern presidential election. However, the polls have begun to tighten, with President Donald Trump regaining four points in the RealClearPolitics poll aggregator average to trail Biden by six percent.

Rogan clarified that he sees it as a real possibility that Biden wins the election, but reiterated he believes a substantial portion of the public is seriously concerned about Joe Biden’s consistent pattern of behavior that indicates the 77-year old former Vice President is in serious cognitive decline.

Watch the segment here:

“There is no way that guy is going to be doing any talking,” predicted Rogan, pointing to the Biden campaign’s strategy of hiding the candidate in order to prevent any further embarrassing cognitive gaffes.

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