Joe Rogan On TikTok TOS: ‘It Ends With China Having All Your Data’

Hide your data! Popular American podcast host Joe Rogan seemed very surprised on a recent episode of his show with guest comedian Theo Von Tuesday after he read up on TikTok’s privacy policy.

“Oh my God! I read TikTok’s terms and services. I went down [a] TikTok rabbit hole yesterday. I stayed home, smoked a little weed, and started reading up on TikTok. Oh my God! I’m gonna read you this ’cause this is so crazy,” exclaimed Rogan in a clip posted to his official Joe Rogan Experience YouTube channel.

“Is It good or bad?” Von asked.

“Bad!” Rogan replied, before diving into numerous specific lines he had read and took issue with. He went though numerous examples of the social media company’s privacy policy, including parts related to tracking “keystroke patterns” and “audio settings.”

Rogan told Von that the app’s terms have essentially given its developers full access over what its users type and even the ability to hear them through the phone’s microphone. He also noted that TikTok gathers information from the user’s smartphone, including file names and types.

“Do you think they did that — they created TikTok just on purpose to have all that,” Von asked Rogan.

“A hundred percent,” Rogan replied. “I think they saw that people are addicted to social media and they came up with the most addictive version of social media, which is TikTok.”

Rogan said that he knows many adults who are extremely addicted to the Chinese social media app, as are his children.

“Just tell me how it ends, man!” Von said.

“It ends with China having all of your data,” answered Rogan, before adding,  “you’re f***ed.”

Big League Politics has covered news surrounding Joe Rogan’s political commentary on numerous occasions. The podcast host drew attention in July after he promised to never have Trump on his podcast and additionally has said that “Ron DeSantis would work as a good president.”

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