Joe Rogan Backs Up Woody Allen, Says Ronan Farrow Is The Son of Frank Sinatra

Joe Rogan devoted a segment to his belief that journalist Ronan Farrow is the son of Frank Sinatra, the ex-husband of Farrow’s mother Mia Farrow. The official story is that Ronan Farrow is Mia Farrow’s son.

Rogan said the theory is “one-thousand, one million percent” true.

Woody Allen raised the suspicion in his own interview:

“Is he my son? He looks a lot like Frank, with the blue eyes,” Allen said.

Allen also wrote in his op-ed regarding the custody situation that Ronan Farrow is likely the son of Frank Sinatra. Nancy Sinatra has denied the claim, but Ronan Farrow seems to be comfortable with the idea.

Bill Maher made a joke about the situation with Ronan Farrow on the air. Ronan laughed and replied “He said it,” referring to Maher.

Rogan also spoke about the Woody Allen scandal involving Farrow’s sister Soon-Yi Previn.

“That’s dark arts out here. Hollywood’s got the darkest arts,” said a fellow commentator on Rogan’s podcast.

“They lived in New York,” Rogan said.

“Well, even New York-Hollywood, because some of it’s there,” said the commentator.

“Is that the same thing?” Rogan said. “Hollywood is just show business.”

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