Joe Rogan Takes Joe Biden To Task: “Trump Will Eat Him Alive”

Joe Rogan took presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden to task on his podcast Friday, calling out Democrats for refusing to admit that Biden appears to be cognitively challenged and lacking mental acuity.

Biden expressed exasperation with leading Democrats for refusing to consider that the 77-year old former Vice President might not be at his mental prime.

You have to be able to call out s*** that’s wrong on your side. That’s the problem the Democratic Party is having right now with that Joe Biden guy. You guys have to be able to call it out. You can’t let this slide, because everybody else sees it, and Trump is going to eat him alive.

Rogan had earlier pointed to Biden’s tendency towards serial gaffes as a disqualifier for the presidency, expressing his view that Biden’s cognitive decline was obvious and visible.

He stumbles through s***, he forgets what he’s talking about… The guy can barely remember what he’s talking about while he’s talking.”

Joe Biden has claimed that he’s running for the Senate instead of the presidency, confused his wife with his sister during a Super Tuesday victory speech, and stated that 150 million Americans have died of gun violence in the past two decades.

Watch the candid segment of the Joe Rogan Experience here:

Ironically, while Rogan’s primary audience appears to be younger conservative men, the longtime MMA announcer leans to the left of the political spectrum and endorsed Bernie Sanders last year.

Establishment Democrats have sought to shut down discussion of Biden’s mental state, likening serious questions as to the prospect of the former Vice President’s potential cognitive decline to be “disinformation campaigns.”

Should they prove unable to simply silence questions as to the party elder’s acuity, they’ll have no one to blame but themselves.


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