John Bolton Got Fired By Trump For Constantly Beating War Drums on Iran

Axios reports that former national security adviser John Bolton resigned from his position after President Donald Trump suggested loosening sanctions on Iran, according to a source close to Bolton.

The outlet claims that the former national security adviser resigned from his position last week after President Trump suggested relieving some sanctions on Iran. Bolton “did not favor giving the Iranians relief and believed the maximum pressure campaign was working.” As a result, he submitted his resignation after Trump recommended that he leave the administration.

After news of Bolton’s exit broke, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani approved of this move.

Last Tuesday, Trump announced Bolton’s firing from his place within the administration after a Monday talk they had about Iran. During this exchange, the president signaled that he “disagreed strongly with many of his suggestions.” Bolton countered by saying that he had offered Trump his resignation the previous night.

Social media was buzzing over Bolton’s departure. Utah Senator Mitt Romney declared that he was “very, very unhappy to hear that he is leaving.” On the other hand, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul praised the news, deeming it a “necessary action.”

Bolton represented the neconservative’s last hope in having an interventionist element within the Trump administration to advance their never-ending wars agenda and the defense industry’s penchant for perpetual conflict.

Bolton’s exit is a good start.

Hopefully, Trump follows through by getting an America First national security adviser like Douglas Macgregor.

From there, his restrained foreign policy vision can become a reality.

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