John Bolton’s PAC Money Dries Up as Top Republican Funders Shun Him Following Betrayal of Trump

Neocon warmonger John Bolton betrayed President Donald Trump last week to promote his soon-to-be-released book, but he is learning that his disloyal and disreputable actions will have severe consequences.

Several of President Trump’s biggest and most influential supporters are on the war path against Bolton, making sure that his political action committee (PAC) and super PAC receives no funding from prominent Republican donors.

“You’re on the president’s side or you’re not. It’s simple,” said Arthur Schwartz, a GOP consultant closely tied to the Trump White House.

The pro-Trump GOP king makers are using their clout to influence their colleagues to deny Bolton the cash he needs to run his operations. The mustache-laden turncoat is getting frozen out from the lucrative Republican donor class that has sustained him for decades.

Bolton’s super PAC and his PAC are currently supporting five Republican lawmakers, including Sens. Tom Cotton of Arkansas, Cory Gardner of Colorado and Thom Tillis of North Carolina as well as Reps. Adam Kinzinger of Illinois and Lee Zeldin of New York. These legislators may want to distance themselves from Bolton’s operation if they wish to stay in the president’s good graces.

“He’s dead to everyone,” an aide to a Trump super donor told CNBC, adding that it is a “safe assumption” that Bolton’s operation will not last much longer.

The president’s son has essentially confirmed what the donors are saying. Bolton has made his bed, and he will now have to sleep in it.

“Bolton is going to wake up Thursday, come to the sad realization that he’s running out of usefulness to his newfound Democrat/media ‘friends’ and will be facing a very lonely end to his lackluster (could never get Senate confirmation) career,” Donald Trump Jr. wrote in a comment to CNBC.

President Trump threw Bolton under the bus one final time last week with a couple of brutal and hilarious tweets:

Bolton’s upcoming book “The Room Where It Happened” describes an alleged conversation between Trump and Bolton regarding the quid pro quo used by the Democrats to impeach the president. Bolton reportedly claims in the book that Trump sought his advice on how to leverage Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy into getting dirt on his political rivals. Bolton has also stated his willingness to testify against the President, but will not get that opportunity because the Senate rejected witness testimony in the impeachment trial that is expected to end on Wednesday.

Neocon Bolton’s gamble to stab Trump in the back has not apparently paid off, in more ways than one.

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