John Brennan is Proud of Deep State for Launching Coup Against Trump

Former CIA director and Deep State-linked career bureaucrat John Brennan praised the willful insubordination of the “intelligence community” when speaking at an event at the National Press Club with other military-industrial complex figures on Thursday.

Watch Brennan’s endorsement of unconstitutional and undemocratic Deep State subversion of the government here:


Brennan’s remarks make it clear that the career national security bureaucratic elite couldn’t care less about fulfilling their traditional role of carrying out the democratically elected President’s policy. The Deep State instead seeks to impose an unpopular and stale agenda against the wishes of the President, preventing the American people any real say in directing the national security policy of their own country.

Brennan, a partisan liberal given free reign over the CIA during Obama’s presidency, has broken every traditional norm for a intelligence agency director’s participation in partisan politics.

At the event, in which Brennan spoke alongside corrupt FBI figurehead Andrew McCabe (who orchestrated an operation to try and prevent Donald Trump’s election), the former CIA director endorsed a wild claim from Hillary Clinton that alleged Tulsi Gabbard is a Russian asset. Gabbard, an anti-establishment Democrat, is known for her policy stances opposing Deep State subversion of government policy and endless war.

The use of the phrase ‘Deep State’ by Brennan is telling. For years critics of the permanent Washington, D.C shadow government were told such a thing didn’t exist. For the intensely partisan former CIA director to not only describe the intelligence community apparatus with such a phrase- but to even endorse them as such- reveals how fundamentally disconnected legacy institutions such as the CIA and FBI are from democratic oversight.

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