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John Deere And Farmer’s Insurance Stand With Great American Tucker Carlson



Tucker Carlson, the conscience of big conservative media, is under attack by director of Hollywood filth Judd Apatow and predictably vicious left-wingers because he is strongly criticizing the illegal immigrant caravan culture that does not respect the existence of our Southern border.

Carlson, who is now entering into new uncharted territory for television with his daily defense of free speech, is not losing all of his advertisers.

Victor Morton reports for the Washington Times:

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Pacific Life,, IHOP and several other companies did pull their ads from the Fox News Channel show “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” but the resisters include such major firms as Farmer’s Insurance, Mitsubishi and John Deere.

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In a statement to the Daily Beast, Farmers Insurance said it “invests in advertising across a broad range of networks and programs that reflect the diversity of opinions and viewpoints found across the nation.”

When Farmers advertisers on political shows, the company explained, it “should not be construed to be an endorsement of any kind as to a show’s content or the individuals appearing on the show.”

The Japanese auto and ship giant concurred, telling the Beast that “our advertising media spend is determined based on demographics and psychographics, not politics.”

Washington Times passage ends

The Huffington Post made a helpful list of the 19 advertisers joining the Tucker boycott.

Judd Apatow, director of overlong unfunny movies about the emotional plight of bored upper-crust immature white people, has been trying to get sponsors to pull out of Tucker Carlson’s show on Fox News due to Carlson’s criticism of illegal immigration in the aftermath of caravan members breaching our southern border.

“Hey @pfizer – what does it say about your company and your moral positions if you advertise on @tuckercarlson’s show? He and @FoxNews get rich off of dividing our country and spewing lies and hate at immigrant communities who are just trying to survive. Maybe choose another show,” stated Apatow, the director of teen-targeted R-rated garbage like The 40-Year Old Virgin.

Carlson’s daughter was recently verbally attacked with filthy sexist language by a man at a country club. Tucker, an intellectual who brings real insight into television news commentary, does not contribute to the coarse degrading of our culture. Judd Apatow, on the other hand, does.

Judd Apatow’s movies are blatantly and ceaselessly misogynistic. Male characters portrayed by Seth Rogen and Jonah Hill and the like spew degrading filth about women — which Apatow apparently seems to think is a lot funnier than it comes across in its rambling improvisatory form.

Teenagers going to date movies are now shoveled absolute sexist trash from Apatow’s factory, which might be hilarious to the Hollywood frauds getting rich on it but is certainly confusing and problematic for fathers and daughters everywhere in this country.

Of course it was actress Katherine Heigl — female lead in one of Apatow’s gutter-minded borefests — who garnered industry criticism when she took Judd’s gang to task for the rampant sexism of his oeuvre.

Look at this passage from The Telegraph, which presents Heigl’s criticism of the Knocked Up female characters, followed by Apatow protege Seth Rogen’s catty assertion that he felt “betrayed” because Heigl spoke out about the dumb misogyny in his stupid worthless movie. Talk about gender-based power dynamics in Hollywood! Rogen acknowledges that Heigl’s comments “hurt her career” and suggests that Heigl’s comments were “stupid.”

What a creep.

The Telegraph reports:

“It paints the women as shrews, as humourless and uptight,” she told the magazine, “and it paints the men as lovable, goofy, fun-loving guys.

“It exaggerated the characters, and I had a hard time with it on some days. I’m playing such a bitch. Why is she being such a killjoy? Why is this how you’re portraying women?”

Rogen addressed Heigl’s remarks on Howard Stern’s SiriusXM radio show this week, saying: “As we were making the movie together, honestly, I was like ‘I would make a dozen movies with her. I would be whatever the s****y version of Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan is.

“I thought ‘Oh, we have a great dynamic, we were funny together, I was having a very good time’ and then when I heard afterwards she didn’t like it – she didn’t seem to like the process or the end product either – your trust feels betrayed.

“I respect the fact that maybe she realises it has hurt her career. And I don’t want that to have happened to her at all. Because I’ve said a thousand stupid things, and I really like her…

Telegraph passage ends

Free Speech

Prominent Leftists Sign Letter Deriding Cancel Culture, Now That It is Starting to Affect Them!

They didn’t care much until the mob came for their freedom.



A group of prominent leftist authors, academics, journalists, policy makers and lobbyists have signed onto a letter begging the left-wing mob to stop its relentless assault on freedom of expression.

The letter, which has been published by Harper’s Magazine, was signed by 150 people including Steven Pinker, Fareed Zakaria, Noam Chomsky, J.K. Rowling, David Frum, Margaret Atwood, and Salman Rushdie. It pleads with the mob to stop their common practice of destroying anyone with whom they disagree.

“Our cultural institutions are facing a moment of trial. Powerful protests for racial and social justice are leading to overdue demands for police reform, along with wider calls for greater equality and inclusion across our society, not least in higher education, journalism, philanthropy, and the arts,” the letter reads, showing that the leftists continue to pay lip service to the overall aims of the marxist mob.

However, the authors complain about an “intensified a new set of moral attitudes and political commitments that tend to weaken our norms of open debate and toleration of differences in favor of ideological conformity.”

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  • RIOTS: Who do you blame for the violence on America's streets?

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“The forces of illiberalism are gaining strength throughout the world and have a powerful ally in Donald Trump, who represents a real threat to democracy. But resistance must not be allowed to harden into its own brand of dogma or coercion—which right-wing demagogues are already exploiting. The democratic inclusion we want can be achieved only if we speak out against the intolerant climate that has set in on all sides,” they wrote.

The authors claim that the Left is becoming like the Right in its hostility against the marketplace of ideas. They wrote that “censoriousness is also spreading more widely in our culture: an intolerance of opposing views, a vogue for public shaming and ostracism, and the tendency to dissolve complex policy issues in a blinding moral certainty.”

“More troubling still, institutional leaders, in a spirit of panicked damage control, are delivering hasty and disproportionate punishments instead of considered reforms. Editors are fired for running controversial pieces; books are withdrawn for alleged inauthenticity; journalists are barred from writing on certain topics; professors are investigated for quoting works of literature in class; a researcher is fired for circulating a peer-reviewed academic study; and the heads of organizations are ousted for what are sometimes just clumsy mistakes,” they wrote.

“Whatever the arguments around each particular incident, the result has been to steadily narrow the boundaries of what can be said without the threat of reprisal. We are already paying the price in greater risk aversion among writers, artists, and journalists who fear for their livelihoods if they depart from the consensus, or even lack sufficient zeal in agreement,” they added.

The authors concluded their letter with a call for the mob to respect liberal values and reject witch hunting meant to quell free speech.

“We need to preserve the possibility of good-faith disagreement without dire professional consequences. If we won’t defend the very thing on which our work depends, we shouldn’t expect the public or the state to defend it for us,” they wrote.

However, these leftists are too little too late with their effort because the mob has grown too powerful. Most of these individuals were silent when their political opposition was being targeted by the mob. Because they lacked the courage to stand up for freedom when it could have mattered, they have the well-earned misfortune of being cannibalized by the mob as well.

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