John Durham Seeking Indictment of Democrat Lawyer for Lying to the FBI

Special Counsel John Durham is preparing to indict a lawyer affiliated with a Democratic Party-aligned law firm, in the second prosecution for governmental and FBI misconduct surrounding investigations of fraudulent Russian interference in the 2016 presidential presidential with the intent of discrediting President Donald Trump.

Durham is slated to bring his case for indictment of Michael Sussman, a lawyer associated with progressive law firm Perkins Coie. Perkins Coie represented the Democratic Party in connection with the party’s claims that it servers had been hacked by Russian-backed state actors, with emails exposing the 2016 Democratic primary as rigged for Hillary Clinton. Documents exposing Democratic Party corruption and fake primaries were later published on Wikileaks.

Sussman is expected to face charges of lying to the FBI. The nature of the charges may reveal that assertions of Russian hacking amounted to lies, as well, intended to distract from the Democratic Party’s rigged primary and to create an excuse for the criminal conduct of party leaders.

A formal indictment of Sussman could come as soon as Thursday, or possibly next week.

Lawyers for Sussman argued their client’s innocence in a statement provided to Fox News on Wednesday night, claiming that charges against the Democrat lawyer would amount to baseless prosecution on the part of the Justice Department.

Sources familiar with Durham’s probe expect the federal prosecutor to submit a report on his investigation to the Department of Justice before September 30th, when the Biden administration plans to allow funding for the probe to lapse. Durham has already charged and convicted one FBI lawyer for altering CIA emails in an attempt to tar Donald Trump.

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