John Kasich Embraces Soft Socialism To Address Global Warming

Former Republican Ohio Governor John Kasich believes the Green New Deal is “asking the right question.”

Although he concedes that the Green New Deal might not solve the Global Warming question, Kasich asserts that the Green New Deal is opening up more debate.

In a op-ed for USA Today, Kasich stated “But for all those problems, the Green New Deal is serving an important purpose by provoking a more vigorous level of public debate.”

The former Governor concluded, “We’ve finally reached a tipping point.”

Another notorious provision within the Green New Deal is its “War on Meat’” that aims to reduce meat consumption as a means of defeating global warming.

Rightfully so, Republicans in Congress have opposed this bill because of how it expands the government’s role in the economy.

Instead of promoting a genuine free-market alternative that gets the government completely out of the way in environmental matters, Kasich has called for “free-market moderates on both sides of the aisle to come up with answers of their own.”

This is political speak for subsidies and other watered down forms of  interventionism.

Kasich’s call to action came right after giving a global warming talk in Canada. Before giving his talk, Kasich expressed his support for a carbon tax, and revealed that he bought a Tesla on the taxpayer’s dime.

It’s amusing how so-called “free-marketers” scratch their heads wondering why socialism continues to advance.

By accepting many Progressive premises such as central banking, income taxation, and regulation, figures on the Right have let Progressives dictate the terms of debate.

For the past 100 years, we’ve had non-stop government growth. And with so-called “conservatives” like John Kasich buying into more government intervention in the environmental front, we can expect this trend to continue without fail.

The biggest enemies of capitalism are within, not without.



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