John Podesta “Refused to Concede” In Democratic Election Wargame While Roleplaying as Joe Biden

A Democratic election simulation program preparing party elites for possible outcomes of the November presidential election has featured a scenario in which Joe Biden, who was roleplayed by Democratic operative John Podesta, will refuse to concede defeat in the election, according to reporting about the event from the New York Times.

The so-called Transition Integrity Project was created with the idea of preparing Democratic Party elites for four different outcomes of the election. One result of the election simulation wargame involved an electoral college simulation in which President Donald Trump secures a strong electoral vote victory while losing the popular vote to Biden, who was played by the former Clinton operative Podesta.

Podesta refused to concede the presidential election in that scenario, citing what he maintained was voter suppression in Wisconsin and Michigan. Podesta, within the confines of the scenario, convinced the governors of the states to send the votes of pro-Biden electors to the House in an attempt to inaugurate Biden as President, despite losing the states.

In the scenario, the House of Representatives recognized Joe Biden as the legitimate President of the United States, while the executive branch of the federal government and the Senate recognized President Trump as the rightful President.

Perhaps most shockingly, in the roleplay scenario Podesta was impersonating Biden in, the Democrat states of California, Washington, and Oregon openly threatened to secede from the United States in the event that President Trump was sworn in for a second term in office, upping the stakes of the constitutional crisis to the point of a potential Second American Civil War with a beginning similar to the first one.

The roleplay of the event ended when organizers determined the American people would look to the military to resolve the situation.

That the Democratic Party elitesĀ  would even maintain such a fundamental rejection of an American election as legitimate shows the danger of the extremist neoliberal party.