Jon Tester Silent On Pearl Jam’s ‘Dead President Trump’ Poster

The re-election campaign of Montana Democrat Jon Tester must answer for the pro-Tester Pearl Jam poster depicting mortal violence against the President of the United States Donald Trump in the form of the White House set on fire, similar to the situation that occurred on American soil when the British burned the White House in the War of 1812.

Pearl Jam’s own fans have expressed disgust with the band’s poster, which features the “All-Seeing Eye” symbol on a pyramid and a UFO.

Conservatives now question what kind of rhetoric the Tester effort is spawning. The Commander in Chief of the United States must not be spoken of in this way, lest our Republic has no basis in law and order.

Haley Kennington reported for Big League Politics:

A disgusting poster that depicts a dead President Trump with the White House up in flames was used to advertisement for an event for Montana Democrat, Senator Jon Tester.

The poster was originally created as advertisement for a Pearl Jam concert and used to push for Tester’s re-election. Republican Senate candidate Matt Rosendale described the poster as “reprehensible.”

On Pearl Jam’s verified Twitter page, there was a tweet posted on Tuesday that read, “Official artwork by Jeff Ament and Bobby Brown from last night’s show in Missoula. ,” and in a set of photos, you can see the finished product as well as the image in draft mode.

The sketch included notes that read in part, “D.C. burning…Tester Evil Keneval on tractor over the cesspool below..Russian money, golf courses, hookers?” It continued, “Y’aw know the deal. We’re at a tipping pint and it’s time for action. Jon Tester is the real deal and nobody cares more about our country and especially Montana. So here we are…this was a fun collab with one of my favorite artists, Bobby Draws Skulls. He killed it!,” signed Jeff Ament. The collaboration was with artist Bobby Brown, the “Bobby” mentioned in the sketch.

The artist behind the poster is Pearl Jam bassist Jeff Ament, who is an outspoken supporter of Montana Senator Jon Tester, having been friends with Tester for many years and associated with Tester’s campaigns in the past.

There were several replies to the tweet, one from @BKDaKing2 who noted that not all fans of Pearl Jam agreed with their political views. “A burning White House with flames pouring out of the widows? I don’t care if you say it’s “art” and I know you probably don’t care – but you should be ashamed of releasing something like this. Not all of your fans agree with your political narratives.”

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