Jordan Peterson And Josh Hawley Send Strong Message To Young Men: ‘We Need You’

Jordan Peterson and Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) are sending a strong message to young American men: “We need you.”

In the two’s latest sit down together as part of the DailyWire+ platform, young men are discussed and described as an important component of our society.


According to Peterson and Hawley, “small actions” can literally change the world — for good or for evil.

When discussing society’s attempts to demonize young men, the two argued that we need to “send a fundamentally different message.” 

“[Young men] lives, the world, will not be what it could be without them,” Hawley said. 

“I think that’s the message of the Bible,” Hawley would continue. “I think that’s the message of American history. It’s that the world — there are things that can be done in the world, things that should be done in the world, that only you can do.” 

“And that if you don’t do them, they won’t happen,” he added. “And the world and the people around it, your family, your spouse, your children, they will be impoverished if you don’t shoulder the responsibility that you can shoulder.”

“That’s a high vision. That’s a high calling,” Hawley said. “By the way, that’s true of our country. Our country will be less if you don’t take on the obligations of citizenship. This country can be greater, it can be more, with you.”

“It turns out that it isn’t true that nothing you do matters,” Peterson noted. 

“What’s true is that everything you do matters … And when people abdicate their responsibility en masse, which is what you saw in Nazi Germany, what you saw in totalitarian Soviet Union, and in Maoist China, that things turned into hell very, very rapidly,” Peterson continued.

“I think, is exactly right,” Hawley responded. 

Later in the lengthy sit down, Peterson asks Hawley how legislative steps can be taken to help young men. 

Hawley answered by emphasizing the rejection of globalism and multinational corporations and focusing more on bringing back manufacturing jobs.

“Conservatives, if they’re going to call men to responsibility and we should, if they’re going to say, we need you, we’ve also at the same time got to say we need to have a society and an economy that provides you with productive work on which you can sustain a family, that there is a legitimate shot for you to go out there, get a job, get married, have a family, and sustain them,” Hawley said.

“What I think conservatives in America need to do is we need to say, listen, we’re going to be for an agenda that is unapologetically pro-American worker, unapologetically pro-work, and unapologetically toward for the kind of work that you can support a family on,” the senator added. 

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