Jordan Peterson Lobbies Elon Musk to Destroy Anonymity on Twitter, Enforce Digital ID Requirements

Liberal academic Jordan Peterson is lobbying Elon Musk to destroy anonymity on Twitter and enforce a digital ID that would doxx the identity of all users.

Peterson made the suggestion during an appearance on comedian Russell Brand’s podcast where he rambled about how anonymous Twitter trolls were “demons” for hurting his delicate feelings.

“The biggest problem that I can see is the large online platforms allow anonymous troll demons to rampage through society with no costs for themselves,” he said.

“They’re not even human anymore, in my estimation. They’re literally a demonic force, and I mean that in a technical sense,” Peterson added.

The drug-addled globalist then said he and Brand were “androids in some sense operating in a virtual space,” showing that his brain may have been radically altered while he was pumped full of so many pharmaceutical pills throughout the past several years.

“They are saying things that are derisive and inflammatory…and that has to be stopped, and I think the large tech companies should be required to put in “know your customer” laws. They should ban anonymous accounts,” Peterson said.

The full clip can be seen here:

Big League Politics has reported on other times when Peterson, who claims to be a defender of Western values, has shown his true colors in the past:

Best-selling author and classical liberal philosopher Jordan Peterson is demanding for conservatives to “sacrifice Trump and the stolen election narrative” moving forward.

Peterson made the suggestion in a Twitter post calling for unity between the Left and the Right. He said that conservatives must sacrifice Trump and tolerate election fraud, and liberals must sacrifice “DIE and CRT” in order for a middle ground to be established…

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