Jordan Peterson SLAMS Trudeau’s Treatment Of Working-Class Farmers

The world-famous Canadian clinical psychologist and free-speech advocate Dr. Jordan Peterson attacked the character of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in a recent appearance on the Lex Friedman podcast before he called the man “narcissistic” and suggested that he favors tyranny over good-faith persuasion.

“Even if Trudeau was motivated by compassion and it’s like, how loving are you first of all?” Peterson said when discussing Trudeau’s first move as prime minister, creating a ‘gender-balanced’ cabinet. “No, it was a really bad decision.”


Dr. Peterson explained to Friedman that many, including himself, hold disdain for the prime minister in part because he is arguably carrying on the legacy of his father, former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau.

“I’ve watched him repeatedly and I’ve listened to him a lot and I try to do that clinically and with some degree of dispassion, and that’s hard because his father Pierre devastated [western Canada] in 1982 with the national energy policy, and Trudeau is doing the same thing again, so as a westerner as well, I have an in-built animus and one that’s well deserved, because central Canada, especially the glittery literati elite types in the Ottawa-Montreal-Toronto triangle have exploited the west, and expressed contempt for the west far too much for far too long. That’s accelerating at the moment, for example, with Trudeau’s recent attack on Canadian farmers,” he explained.

“He’s an enemy of the oil and gas industry, which is an utter and absolute bloody catastrophe, and look what’s happened in Europe at least in partial consequence, and he’s no friend to the farmers.”

“I’ve tried to steel-man him. I’ve tried to put myself in the position of the people that I’m criticizing. I think he’s a narcissist,” Peterson concluded.

Peterson then analyzed recent pressures by Trudeau and the Canadian government pushing for farmers to use less fertilizer, siding with working-class people on the matter entirely.

“The farmers in Canada objected, they said ‘look, we have every economic reason to use as little fertilizer as we can, because it’s expensive. We have satellite maps of where we put the fertilizer. We’ve cut our fertilizer use so substantially in the last 40 years you can’t believe it, and we grow way more food. We’re already breaking ourselves in half.”

“And if you know farmers, especially the ones who still survive, you think those people don’t know what they’re doing? They’re pretty damn sophisticated man, way more sophisticated than our prime minister,” said Peterson.

“Now you tell them, ‘no, it’s a 30 percent reduction and we don’t care how much food you’re growing.’ So it’s not a reduction that’s dependent on the amount of food produced per unit of fertilizer used, which would be at least, you could imagine… ‘So you’re producing this much food and this much fertilizer so you’re hyper-efficient, maybe we take the 10 percent of farmers who were least efficient and we say to them, you need to get as efficient as the average farmer,’ and then they say, ‘look our situation is different, we’re in a more northern climate, the soil’s weaker,’ you obviously have to bargain with that but at least you reward them for their productivity.”

“Well it’s like, Holland isn’t going to have beef, where are they going to get it? ‘Well you don’t need it,’ oh I see, you get to tell me what I can eat now, do you? Really? And Holland is going to import food from where that’s more efficient on the fertilizer front? There’s no one more efficient than Holland, and same with Canada. Isn’t this going to make food prices more expensive? Doesn’t that mean that hungry people die? Because that is what it means.”

The Canadian psychologist was referencing a recent string of protests taking place from farmers in the Netherlands, many of whom are furious about the potential of their livelihoods being destroyed as a direct result of so-called ‘climate’ policies levied by the government. Such coerced moves by the government would likely result in a forced mass exodus of cows and the confiscation of farmland for many in the agricultural industry.

Reports out of the mainstream media corroborate this: a piece from The Guardian revealed that radical proposals by the Dutch government include plans to cut livestock numbers by almost a third.

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