Josh Hawley Calls for Red States to Begin Deporting Illegal Aliens

Missouri Senator Josh Hawley believes that letting red states deport illegal aliens is the most pragmatic way to tackle the United States’ current migration crisis. 

As a result, he has introduced a plan that would grant states the power to deport illegal aliens and assist in the construction of barriers along the US’s border with Mexico.   

On October 4, 2023, Hawley rolled out the “State Border Defense Act” which would grant individual states the power to deport illegal aliens that local law enforcement encounters.

“Our southern border is overrun. Joe Biden’s dangerous open-border policies are making it worse every single day, leaving states like Missouri to deal with the consequences,” Hawley declared in a statement.

On top of that, the legislation would grant states the power to fund the construction of physical barriers along the southern border. Further, states would have the power to prosecute illegal aliens for crimes they commit by penetrating the US. 

“Since the federal government refuses to enforce our immigration laws, states must be able to,” Hawley stated.

The fact of the matter is that the federal government under the Biden regime is not interested in border security in the slightest. For the modern-day Democratic Party, mass migration is an electoral strategy to maintain political hegemony. Moreover, mass migration will provide a never-ending stream of cheap labor to keep the fat cats who bankroll the Democratic Party happy. 

Times of instability require unconventional political solutions such as state enforcement of immigration laws. Going the conventional route is simply not an option during these trying times.

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