Josh Hawley RIPS World Health Organization Director After ‘Body Bags’ Threat

Missouri Senator Josh Hawley slammed World Health Organization director Tedros Adhanon in a Wednesday tweet, after the latter threatened that American sanction or defunding of the WHO in the wake of the Chinese coronavirus epidemic would lead to “many more body bags.”

President Trump had announced that the United States would be cutting its annual contributions to the WHO during Tuesday’s press briefing, pointing out the UN-affiliated entity’s long track record of pro-Chinese distortion, inaccurate medical advice, and political agitation against the United States and the travel bans instituted on China.

If Adhanon didn’t want the World Health Organization to be identified as a political actor, he shouldn’t have openly condemned the notion of common sense travel bans on China as countries across the world implemented them.

Adhanon resorted to dramatic threats when Trump’s intention to cut WHO funding was announced, stating that the United States would incur many more “body bags” if it “politicized” the coronavirus epidemic. Adhanon has consistently resorted to political rhetoric since the onset of the pandemic.

Hawley’s not the first Senator to repudiate Adhanon in the wake of the WHO’s lackadaisical coronavirus response. Arizona’s Martha McSally called for the Ethiopian bureaucrat to resign from his post, citing Adhanon’s long track record of affiliating with Marxist-Leninist political parties.

President Trump went on to blast the WHO’s dubious and ineffective response to the coronavirus disease at Wednesday’s press conference.

The United States has been the greatest individual contributor to the budget of the World Health Organization for years, regularly paying hundreds of millions of dollars into the WHO’s multi-billion annual budget.

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