Josh Hawley SLAPS DOWN Justin Amash in Big Tech Tweet Thread

Missouri Republican populist Senator Josh Hawley slapped down corporate libertarian Congressman Justin Amash in an epic tweet thread, educating him on the wide variety of constitutional and measured policy proposals to regulate the political censorship tactics of Big Tech monopolies such as Twitter and Facebook.

Amash had claimed Hawley, a Yale Law graduate with more than a decade of experience practicing as a private attorney and as the Attorney General of Missouri was ignorant as to the ramification of Section 230 of the communications decency act that exempts the Big Tech monopolies from legal challenges to their censorship tactics. Hawley had earlier sent a letter to Twitter CEO demanding that he provide a meaningful explanation of what makes the censorious company a platform, as opposed to a publisher that actively curates political content.

Hawley responded, making sure to remind the Never Trump Libertarian that he had recently failed to win the presidential nomination of the Libertarian Party.

Amash had tried to obstinately argue that Twitter is little more than a neutral platform, when the tech company has been actively inserting editorial ‘fact checks’ into conservative content. Hawley was quick to remind him that the totally arbitrary liberal narrative Twitter is now inserting onto President Trump’s tweets isn’t much different from the liberal screeds one would expect from CNN or the New York Times.

Inserting an arbitrary “fact-check” into the President’s tweets is in fact significant editorial content, even though it’s inconvenient to the corporate libertarian who couldn’t even win the presidential nomination of what may be the most cringeworthy political party in the United States.

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