Journalist Andy Ngo Released From Hospital Following Terrorist Assault in Portland by ANTIFA, Others Dealing With Wounds

Journalist Andy Ngo of Quillette, who was viciously beaten by a gang of left-wing ANTIFA domestic terrorists in Portland, OR on Saturday, has been discharged from the hospital where he was receiving treatment following the assault.

His lawyer, Harmeet K. Dhillon announced on Twitter that Ngo was cleared to leave the hospital and will be commenting further on the situation in the upcoming days.

She had previously reported that Ngo suffered from a brain bleed after the assault, likely from being pelted with a milkshake containing quick-dry cement.

She now intends to file lawsuits in the aftermath of these acts of terror which were condoned by ANTIFA-sympathizing Mayor Ted Wheeler, who ordered law enforcement to stand down and not keep the peace.

The mainstream media had previously encouraged the act of “milkshaking” right-wing political figures and activists in recent weeks. Their encouragement of left-wing domestic terror had severe and brutal consequences for Ngo and others who were victimized in Portland this weekend.

Activists are currently tracking down the domestic terrorists behind the assault of Ngo and others who were attacked by ANTIFA thugs.

There are currently GoFundMe accounts that are active to support Ngo as well as Adam Kelly, another man who was brutalized in the assault.

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