Journalist: Brexit Voters Who Want Sovereignty Are ‘Immigrants From The Past’

The liberal globalist elite works tirelessly to devise new propaganda techniques in order to assist them in ransacking Western nations, and one of their best operatives has come up with a doozy. A veteran journalist is actually calling native-born Brits, the same generation that fought the Nazis during World War II, “immigrants from the past.”

James Meek, author of the book “Dreams of Leaving and Remaining” about the Brexit vote that is scheduled for release next month, appeared on Sky News to describe his book where he stigmatized and stereotyped Brexit supporters for having the audacity of wanting to live in their country of origin.

“People who aren’t politicians, who aren’t academics, who aren’t journalists… mix up their own personal lives and the lives of their friends and their families, the experience of their communities, with the why the political events are taking place,” Meek said, trying to hide his seething contempt for the common British people for voting against the wishes of their supposed superiors.

After being asked about the “nativism” driving the Brexit vote by the anchor, Meek’s mask came off, and he unleashed his vitriol toward British commoners. He blamed elderly voters for remembering what it was like to have a nation for undermining the globalist plans.

“There is another tension there between the elderly and the young,” Meek said. “In a sense, if you were born in the 30s, if you were born in the 40s, if you were born in the 50s… you basically come from another country. You come from the British empire, and, in a sense, you are an immigrant from the past.”

Meek has worked as a journalist for decades, spending time with The Guardian, making his antipathy toward the average Britainer unsurprising. His book is littered with propaganda maligning the right-wing agitators who pushed for Brexit as well as the following they grew as they pushed toward victory.

“There is something dark and troubling in the othering of the EU by the Brexiteers, in Leave voters’ acceptance of the referendum as a St George event, and it’s not just in heightened hostility towards immigrants and non-white Britons,” Meek said in an excerpt from his soon-to-be-released book.

“Lies were precision-targeted to British voters through a £2.7 million deal with Facebook, immediately dividing the electorate into two groups: one that was being lied to and one that wasn’t, and didn’t know the other was,” Meek said in another excerpt, pushing the globalist propaganda trope about fake news on social media that is being used to push Draconian censorship against digital free speech.

Propaganda merchants like Meek are releasing books right now to set the stage for the globalists to nullify the electoral events of 2016. If they are ultimately successful in their criminal efforts to deny freedom and sovereignty for the people, Western Civilization will not stand for much longer.

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