Journalist Glenn Greenwald: ‘Merger Between the Democratic Party and the CIA’ Results in Endless War Cheerleading From Liberal Media

Renegade liberal journalist Glenn Greenwald recently appeared on Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Tonight where he explained why the fake news media desperately wants troops to be put back into Afghanistan.

He explained why he believes the media is turning on Joe Biden, who removed troops abruptly from Afghanistan with the Taliban taking over even faster than anyone could have predicted. It is because the deep state controls the fake news media, and liberals support the nation-building effort of spreading democracy abroad through bombing campaigns and occupations of foreign lands.

“They really do believe constantly in militarism and war. Their closest relationships in the media are with the CIA, are with the Pentagon, are with the national security state. They constantly cheer for war. They constantly want more war,” Greenwald said about the fake news media.

“I do think though they are deeply offended when they see American greatness as they perceive it falling and failing, and these kinds of images are not ones Americans are accustomed to seeing – losing to what is essentially a primitive fighting force in the most humiliating manner possible,” he added.

Greenwald noted that Trump was thwarted by the deep state when he attempted to withdraw from Afghanistan, and the fake news media echoed deep state lies about Russian bounties and other nonsense to prevent a troop withdrawal.

“A lot of official Washington doesn’t want this withdrawal, and they didn’t want it with Trump, and they didn’t want it with Biden, and I think a lot of the anger is coming from that,” he said.

Greenwald described the “merger between the Democratic Party and the CIA” in recent years, as the rise of Trump has caused a political shift with an overwhelming majority of Democrats supporting unaccountable, unelected, authoritarian power structures in Washington D.C. and then claiming they are supporting democracy by doing so.

“The Biden plan to withdraw from Afghanistan was founded and based in a lie from the beginning. He kept saying that the Afghan national security forces were strong enough to withstand the Taliban attack and would hold them off and it would be almost impossible for the Taliban to take over the entire country,” he said.

“Had he been truthful with the American people that once we withdrew, the Taliban would take over, I think the reaction would have been a lot different. I think they believed him, and they feel betrayed by what he told them,” Greenwald added.

He also pointed to the obvious cognitive decline of Biden as a reason why his administration is in shambles, and why the pull out from Afghanistan was botched in humiliating fashion.

“If you look at Joe Biden, I don’t believe anyone who says they don’t see clear signs of cognitive decline. I see the discomfort in the faces of Kamala Harris and Secretary Blinken when they’re standing behind him. Everything he says seems very fragile,” Greenwald said. 

“It is almost like you can see the levers of his brain kind of slowing down and not really working very well, so half the time he says stuff, it is up to the rest of the administration to go and clean it up. I find it uncomfortable to watch the President of the United States speak, and of course his own aides feel the same way,” he added.

Carlson noted that he feels bad for Biden every time he sees him giving a speech, and Greenwald compared Biden’s presidency to “elder abuse.”

The entire clip can be seen here:

Greenwald is one of the few remaining liberal journalists with the integrity to tell the plain truth on Biden, the deep state and other issues. Most unfortunately sold their souls during the Trump presidency and showed their true colors as little more than glorified hacks for entrenched federal authority.

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