Journalist Michael Tracey: Ignoring the Human Cost of BLM Riots is ‘Media Scandal of Epic Proportions’

Journalist Michael Tracey is describing a “media scandal of epic proportions” due to the fake news completely ignoring the aftermath of nationwide Black Lives Matter riots.

Tracey has traveled around to many cities across the U.S. that have been destroyed due to the rioting. City life has been ground to a standstill because of the dual crises of COVID-19 mass hysteria and race riots. He noted that even smaller cities have been ravaged by the orgy of violence sweeping the nation.

“Fort Wayne, IN doesn’t immediately come to mind as a likely candidate for a riot location, but one nonetheless took place. A coffee shop employee told me that their window was smashed by white kids with skateboards. As in many other places, the resulting plywood has served as a canvas for a city-sanctioned communal art project,” Tracey wrote in a Medium post.

“Similarly in Green Bay, WI, residents could not recall anything even approaching a riot ever occurring before. Here, the manager of a small tobacco and convenience shop displays photos of the damage taken for insurance purposes. Nearby, the windows of a post office were smashed,” he added.

Some shopkeepers have even developed nasty cases of Stockholm Syndrome, showing solidarity to the savages who are out to destroy everything they have worked for throughout their entire lives.

“A music shop owner in Olympia, WA told me that while his window was smashed, he also felt moved to put up the plywood boards “in solidarity” with the “movement,” to again provide protesters with a canvas for their art projects,” Tracey wrote.

“Despite the incredible amount of destruction that I’ve personally witnessed, it’s only a tiny fraction. If I hadn’t made a point to spend six weeks traveling around the country, I never would’ve gotten this information. Is a “national conversation” warranted here? I don’t know. That’s a ridiculous cliche, anyway. But I do know the enormity of what transpired over these past two months has not been adequately conveyed,” he concluded.

Big League Politics has reported on Tracey’s journalistic exploits over recent weeks, as he is one of the few left-leaning reporters interested in sharing the stories of individuals targeted in the riots.

Tracey’s photographs from inner cities does not show the land of the free. It shows a nascent United States of Somalia, a war-torn zone under the brutal occupation of diversity and multiculturalism. America is dying, and Western Civilization is not far behind her.

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