More Journalists Believe Arms-Dealing Connection in Las Vegas Case

The Daily Express

More journalists are coming out in support of a theory that the Mandalay Bay shooting in Las Vegas was connected to illegal arms dealing.

“I suspect that we will learn that Steve Paddock was an illegal arms seller who was laundering his winnings through video poker,” said journalist Charles Johnson.

Big League Politics exclusively reported on October 5:

The Las Vegas Police Department and federal law enforcement agencies are looking into the possible involvement of terror arms dealing in the Mandalay Bay shooting case.

The FBI initially ruled out Stephen Paddock’s possible connection to ISIS when the terror caliphate claimed credit for his actions, but Las Vegas Police Department officials persisted in investigating every avenue. Federal law enforcement sources in the executive branch now believe in an arms-dealing connection.

Paddock’s cruises around the world, and a stunning Facebook photograph of his girlfriend Marilou Danley in Dubai (she was also recently in Hong Kong, Tokyo, and the Philippines), are subjects of interest in the investigation.

Paddock’s brother briefly said “Steve was an arm-” before cutting himself off and apologizing. It has been theorized that he might have been about to say “army of one.”

Lauren Southern wrote for Big League Politics:

“The home-sharing service Airbnb has “ghosted” or deleted the account of Las Vegas spree-shooter Steven Paddock, who rented entire houses from around the desert city in the days before the Oct. 1 shooting, according to a source inside the company.
The insider verified their access by sharing with Big League Politics personal and usage information from the site about other individuals that were not available in the public domain.
Inside the company’s ghost report menu, there is no option for spree-shooting massacre, so whoever ghosted the account chose: “Physical Assault” as the reason for closing the account.
Before the account was ghosted, the insider said they read correspondence from Airbnb partners, who wrote to the company that Paddock not only insisted on having an entire house to himself, but also appeared to never have stepped foot on any of the properties.
One host reported to the company: “It’s like he never even stayed here.'”

Las Vegas reporting has been led by Alex Jones’ Infowars, which immediately pounced on the ISIS narrative and made it clear that ISIS has never taken credit for a Western terrorist attack that the group was not involved in. Of course, ISIS took credit for Paddock’s shooting, giving him an honorific Arab name, with the last name meaning “The American.”

The characters in the case are engendering suspicion from independent media everywhere, including the security guard who was allegedly shot through a door during the massacre. Former Project Veritas operative Laura Loomer visited his house. Then the guard cancelled a planned Hannity appearance.

Paddock’s father was on the FBI Most Wanted List after getting caught robbing banks.


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