Joy Reid On President Trump’s Handling of Coronavirus: ‘Clearly Criminal Negligence’

The race baiting MSNBC host is at it again, this time attacking President Trump’s handling of Coronavirus.

According to Breitbart News, the MSNBC host Joy Reid laced into American presidents and Republicans in particular, “I feel like there are two presidents who committed really what should amount to criminal negligence when it comes to pandemics. It’s Woodrow Wilson is a terrible man, racist, and horrible human being but also let more than 670,000 people die. Civil War level death from the so-called Spanish flu, just out of sheer negligence. I want to add President Reagan, who looked the other way as far as the AIDS pandemic and wouldn’t say the words. Donald Trump who — clearly criminal negligence —what he did in allowing, knowing it was airborne, admitting it in February it could kill people and letting people die.”

As usual, Joy Reid is showing her own racism and partisan nature in attacking two of the most famous Republican presidents. while accusing Democrat Woodrow Wilson of being a racist. She levels accusations of racism at her fellow Americans far too often for her accusations to be taken seriously.

If this wasn’t bad enough Joy Reid’s show is an echo chamber of allegations of racism. This time, Joy, or more accurately, Joyless Reid brought on Presidential historian Michael Beschloss, who proclaimed “I hate to mention the unmentionable 45th president, and I will not mention his name but think what this was like a year ago when you had a president with those five o’clock follies. You remember every day he would make a statement on what he was doing or more or less to the point not doing about COVID.”

Beschloss added, “I would watch those things, just praying he would not say something that I knew would lead to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people unnecessarily. Remember the time when he said I told my people slow the testing down, please. That is almost a crime against humanity.” So much for dissent and being fair and balanced.

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