“Joyless” Behar: Presidents’ Day Should Not Include ‘Losers Like Trump and Nixon’

Joy Behar pontificated on “The View” that Presidents’ Day should not honor “losers” like former presidents Donald Trump and Richard Nixon.

Whoopi Goldberg who goes by a fake name chimed in saying, “Today is Presidents’ Day, but not everybody is on board with it. There’s an op-ed calling to take it off the calendar, claiming that most people aren’t even sure what they’re celebrating. It used to honor Presidents Washington and Lincoln, but it expanded to all presidents depending on what state you’re in.”

Behar responded, “I think it’s a good day to buy a mattress, and also maybe toiletries now that we have the president that —”

Co-host Sunny Hostin interjected, “That flushes documents.”

Behar continued, “That would be like ‘Oh, it’s Donald Trump day, let’s buy a toilet.’”

Hostin added, “I like that.” Such was the low IQ discussion at The View. Behar then added, “Why do we include some of these losers like Trump and Nixon, for example, or this guy Johnson who came after Lincoln?”

Ana Navarro said, “My presidents’ day includes George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. April Fool’s Day will be for Trump.” Navarro is a known RINO who hates Trump who formally worked at Clinton News Network.

Navarro “brilliantly” added , “We have 11 federal holidays, and you can say this for about any of them, whether it’s Memorial Day or Presidents Day, a lot of people forget the real meaning and the real celebration of it. I think in a year like right now after January 6. We should be celebrating good presidents and historical presidents and the fathers of our country.”

Behar then ironically proved a point about taring down statues President Trump once made saying, “But there’s a lot of controversy around the Founding Fathers because most of them owned slaves, and people are very, very mixed about that.” The level of discourse on the view is clearly below kindergarten level. It would be funny were it not really liberal indoctrination sessions for low information voters.

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