Judge Grants Parents Joint Custody of 7-Year-Old James Younger, Which May Halt Forced Gender Transition

Judge Kim Cooks has granted joint custody to the parents of 7-year-old James Younger, a young boy who has been encouraged to transition into a girl by his mother.

Jeffrey Younger and his ex-wife, Dr. Anne Georgulas, have been involved in a bitter court battle over their twin children, James and Jude, for many months now. Georgulas wants to transition James from a boy into a girl named “Luna” and pump him full of puberty blockers before he reaches the age of 10.

In a heartbreaking video, James can be seen explaining how his mother is cajoling him to become a girl and potentially ruin his life forever.


Making matters worse, Georgulas is a licensed pediatrician in Coppell, TX. She may be using her authority to push her Mengelean gender beliefs on other unsuspecting parents and children.

On Monday, a jury decided on an 11-1 ruling to terminate the Joint Managing Conservatorship to both parents and deny the Sole Managing Conservatorship to Mr. Younger over his twin boys. This effectively allowed Georgulas, who admitted during court proceedings that she is not the biological mother to the twin boys, to continue transitioning James into a girl without any input from the father.

Judge Cooks’ ruling changes that, as Mr. Younger will now have a say in James’ transition. An uphill battle remains though, and Cooks will be deprived of his core freedoms moving forward. However, Cooks did slap a gag order on Mr. Younger, depriving him of his 1st Amendment rights to rally public support behind his son. This means the Save James website will be taken off-line.

After the case went viral earlier this week, Gov. Greg Abbott said that his office would look into the matter on Wednesday. The matter was rectified one day later.

Even LGBT advocates were forced to admit during the hearings that James has not fully consented to being a girl:

The expert witnesses and the state agency representatives all admitted that James does not identify with one gender.

Dr. Albritton reminded the court that,“There is still some fluidity in his [James’] thinking.”

Ms. Zilca, a representative from Dallas County Family Services, called James by “Luna” the entire time. She told the court, “She [James] does not identify with only one gender.”

Ouer, James’ counselor, who is a “LGBT community” specialist, told the court that gender fluidity has different meanings for different people. She also maintains that James may not be transgender despite diagnosing him with gender dysphoria given that there is some fluidity in his expression.

This judge’s decision is a rare victory for sanity against the pervasive child abuse agenda of the LGBT movement.

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