Judge Orders Starbucks to Pay Manager $25 Million After Being Fired for Being White

On June 12, 2023 a jury ordered coffee giant Starbucks to pay north of $25 million in damages to a former regional manager the company fired allegedly for being white.

The incident was sparked back in April 2018 when two black men went into a Starbucks shop in Philadelphia for a business meeting with a white man who had not yet arrived at the location. As they waited, and prior to making an order, one of the two black males asked to use the restroom. He was refused entry. At some point, store employees asked them to leave.  When they refused to leave, a Starbucks employee called the police.

The black males were subsequently arrested. Their arrest was depicted in videos viewed by millions of online users, which spurred accusations of racism that were accompanied by protests and threats of boycotts. The company’s chief executive apologized publicly, describing the way the men had been treated as “reprehensible.” In response to this incident, Starbucks temporarily closed 8,000 stores nationwide to teach workers about racial bias and being more sensitive to the needs of non-whites. 

Starbucks employees claimed that they were forced to watch “video after video” of white police officers attacking blacks as part of this “racial bias” training program.

However, things changed on June 12 when a federal jury in New Jersey demanded that Starbucks pay $25.6 million to a former regional manager after coming to the conclusion that the company had fired her following the Philadelphia store incident due to how she was white.

The jury determined that Starbucks had infringed on former manager Shannon Phillips’ federal civil rights. As a result, she was awarded  $600,000 in compensatory damages and $25 million in punitive damages.

Such compensation needs to become the norm against whites who get punished by corporations for violating woke policies. Simply put, conforming to the excesses of wokism is asking for our subjugation. 

Resistance is the only way to not only stave off the cultural Left’s onslaught but also restore normalcy to American politics.

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