Judge Roy Calls For All Ballots to Be Counted For Possible Recount

Republican Senate candidate Roy S. Moore meets with an Alabama voter. Moore leads Sen. Luther J. Strange III , 48 percent to 40 percent, going into Tuesday’s GOP primary runoff. (Courtesy of Moore for Senate campaign Facebook page)

Judge Roy Moore is calling for all the votes to be counted in the Alabama Senate race, refusing to concede even as the mainstream media tries to claim a premature victory.

Moore trails by a point and a half, but the votes of military service members (expected to favor Moore) have not yet come in, according to a campaign official who spoke before Moore at his rally Tuesday night.

If new votes put Moore within a half point, then state law requires an automatic recount. Moore encouraged reporters to seek out the Alabama Secretary of State for questions as to where the process goes from here.

Mobile County, a heavily pro-Jones county, tabulated its votes much later than pro-Moore counties. Mobile County came in suspiciously late.

In a legal battle earlier in the day, the Alabama Supreme Court ruled that counties are not compelled to preserve their digital voting records, as a court ruling had mandated. The fight to preserve records in Mobile and Montgomery counties will play a key role in this recount battle.

Voters were forced to fill out provisional ballots in Madison County due to technical problems at the polls, and many of those voters were told that their votes might not count.

Democrat Doug Jones won Madison County with 65,664 votes to Moore’s 46,313, with 3,446 write ins. Jones’ nearly 20,000-vote margin of victory in Madison County alone accounts for nearly all of his 1.7-point lead statewide (absentee ballots still need to be counted).

President Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton in Madison County, with 89,520 votes to Clinton’s 62,822 votes.

Big League Politics has received a firsthand report from Madison County of technical problems at the polls that caused many voters to fill out provisional ballots that have not yet been counted, and might never be counted.

Provisional votes will not be counted until next Tuesday.

Here is the voter’s statement:

“There was Huge problems in Jefferson County. Moore should ask for a recount. No way Jones won 85% of the vote in Jefferson. In Huntsville voters had to vote on provisional ballots and were TOLD the votes may not be counted”…

“My friend said that her polling place in South Huntsville was a disaster. She said they were having equipment issues and everyone voted provisional ballot. They were asked for their phone # and would be called to let them know if their vote was counted”…



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