Jussie Smollett Turned Over Incomplete Phone Records to Cops

Actor Jussie Smollett claimed that he was attacked by two Trump-supporting bandits in a racist and homophobic hate crime in January. Now it appears that he has provided incomplete and redacted phone records to police investigators probing the incident.

The Chicago Police Department have thus far been unable to identify any suspects involved with the incident, despite it occurring in a dense city.

Hoping to substantiate details regarding to the supposed attack, the police department asked Smollett for his phone records. Smollett had claimed that he was on the phone with his manager during the incident- all while remaining custody of a subway sandwich and fighting back against the supposed MAGA hat attackers.

Smollett took 13 days to provide phone records to the police, and sources within the Chicago PD have revealed that the records he finally provided are redacted, rendering them useless for a criminal investigation. In an email to CBS 2 Chicago, the police described the records as “not meeting the burden of a criminal investigation.

Smollett’s submission of incomplete phone records could be yet another reason for skeptics of his account to doubt his story. TheĀ Empire actor’s own neighbors are now said to doubt that he was attacked in a ‘MAGA’ hate crime. A neighborhood resident described the area as an unlikely place to encounter Trump-supporting hate criminals.

The Chicago Police Department’s investigation of Smollett’s supposed attack continues, made difficult by the complete lack of photographic or video evidence of the incident.

Should Smollett’s version of events be revealed as yet another hate hoax, don’t expect an apology from the establishment media and progressives who accepted his doubtful story without the slightest degree of skepticism.

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