Jussie Smollett’s Malicious Prosecution Lawsuit Tossed by Federal Judge


A malicious prosecution lawsuit filed against the City of Chicago by actor Jussie Smollett was dismissed on Thursday, placing the accused hate hoax plotter on the line for $130,000 in costs incurred by police investigating a hoax the authorities believe he staged himself, with the assistance of two acquaintances.

Smollett had false police report criminal charges inexplicably dropped by Cook County prosecutor Kim Foxx last year, much to the chagrin of the Chicago Police. Smollett has since been charged by a special prosecutor tasked with reviewing the case, but as a condition of the original charges he was to be fined $130,000 for the police investigation.

Smollett sued the city, arguing that the $10,000 bond he forfeited in return for the dropping of charges was the only fine he was legally obligated to pay for the matter, describing the fine in his lawsuit as a condition of an off-the-books “plea agreement.” However, federal judge Virginia Kendall sees the situation differently, and ruled that Smollett’s police fine of $130,000 is still outstanding.

The former Empire actor now faces the prospect of real criminal conviction for his role in orchestrating what many are calling an obvious hate hoax- paying two Nigerian brothers to play the role of bigoted Trump supporters who racially abused him and attacked him with bleach- and paying a whopping fine to the Chicago police for the significant use of resources investigating what authorities believe was a concocted hoax.

It had initially looked as if Smollett would evade any accountability for his actions when Kim Foxx dropped the charges without explanation, considering prosecutors have gone on record describing the criminal case against the left-wing celebrity as a slam dunk. But it appears as if he won’t be so lucky after all.

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