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JUST IN: Arizona Stay-at-Home Order Extended Through May 15th

Some limited reopenings will be allowed.



Arizona Governor Doug Ducey announced that he would extend the state’s stay at home state of emergency order during a press conference Wednesday, explaining that reopening everything immediately would jeopardize the progress the state has made thus far in containing the coronavirus epidemic.

The state’s stay-at-home order had been originally slated to expire on May 1st, but Ducey’s extension will keep it in place until May 15th.

We do not want to lose the ground that we have gained,” explained the governor. “I want to get back to where we were as much as anybody in the state. But I want to do it in a safe and healthy way.

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Some phased reopening of retail and commercial activity is slated within the extended duration of the stay at home order. Curbside pickup for some businesses will be allowed as of May 4th, and an additional tier of commercial activity will be permitted as of May 8th.

Dining services for sit-down restaurants will begin in a limited capacity as of May 12th.

Ducey stated that it would be irresponsible for him to permit reopenings of businesses in a fashion that could potentially increase the severity of the epidemic, stating that he’d have to institute restrictive measures in such a situation that would prove even more economically devastating than the initial coronavirus recession and emergency order.

Arizona has incurred 304 deaths from the coronavirus as of Wednesday. The Navajo nation in the northern sector of the state has been the hardest-hit community by the disease.

It’s fifteen more days… I’m asking for some patience.

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Half a Million Sign Petition Refusing Mandatory Coronavirus Vaccine

No mandatory vaccine.



More than half a million people have already signed a petition created by LifeSiteNews rejecting the notion of a mandatory coronavirus vaccine.

As of Saturday, the petition has created more than 532,000 online signatures. It was created in early May. The lion’s share of petition signers are from the United States, with tens of thousands in the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia.

The enormous response against a mandatory vaccination program for the coronavirus is truly global in nature,” said Gualberto Garcia Jones, LifeSite’s director of advocacy. “This is something people around the world are very concerned about, and which many reject.

The petition breaks down the fundamental violation of essential liberties that a prospective mandatory vaccine effort would entail.

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Fear of a disease – which we know very little about, relative to other similar diseases – must not lead to knee-jerk reactions regarding public health, nor can it justify supporting the hidden agenda of governmental as well as non-governmental bodies that have apparent conflicts of interest in plans to restrict personal freedoms.

The petition cites concern with the credibility of globalist billionaire Bill Gates, who has poured an immense amount of resources into the development of an entirely hypothetical coronavirus vaccine.

And, while some people, like Bill Gates, may have a lot of money, his opinion and that of his NGO (the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation) – namely, that life will not return to normal till people are widely vaccinated – should not be permitted to influence policy decisions on a coronavirus vaccination program.

There’s reason to be skeptical that a vaccine will even ever be developed for COVID-19. No vaccine exists for any of the other coronavirus that are known to infect humans, most notably the 2002 SARS epidemic, which gained considerable attention from the medical and scientific community. There’s no telling what side effects a potential new vaccine could cause.

The petition also cites the possible use of the stem cells from aborted fetuses in medical research, a  practice in some scientific research projects that many Christians have found to be gravely immoral.

The health minister of the United Kingdom is refusing to rule out the notion of a mandatory vaccine.

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