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JUST IN: Arizona Stay-at-Home Order Extended Through May 15th

Some limited reopenings will be allowed.



Arizona Governor Doug Ducey announced that he would extend the state’s stay at home state of emergency order during a press conference Wednesday, explaining that reopening everything immediately would jeopardize the progress the state has made thus far in containing the coronavirus epidemic.

The state’s stay-at-home order had been originally slated to expire on May 1st, but Ducey’s extension will keep it in place until May 15th.

We do not want to lose the ground that we have gained,” explained the governor. “I want to get back to where we were as much as anybody in the state. But I want to do it in a safe and healthy way.

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Some phased reopening of retail and commercial activity is slated within the extended duration of the stay at home order. Curbside pickup for some businesses will be allowed as of May 4th, and an additional tier of commercial activity will be permitted as of May 8th.

Dining services for sit-down restaurants will begin in a limited capacity as of May 12th.

Ducey stated that it would be irresponsible for him to permit reopenings of businesses in a fashion that could potentially increase the severity of the epidemic, stating that he’d have to institute restrictive measures in such a situation that would prove even more economically devastating than the initial coronavirus recession and emergency order.

Arizona has incurred 304 deaths from the coronavirus as of Wednesday. The Navajo nation in the northern sector of the state has been the hardest-hit community by the disease.

It’s fifteen more days… I’m asking for some patience.

Big League Wellness

“BURN THE MASK:” Adults, Children Burn Face Masks at Idaho State Capitol



Hundreds of Idahoans voiced their incendiary views towards mandatory mask mandates and the hospitalization of American society in a “Burn the Mask” rally on Saturday at the State Capitol, with children and adults alike participating in the burning of face masks in an empty oil drum.

Idahoans touted their state’s tradition of rural freedom and self-determination, tiring of the nanny authoritarian culture that has rapidly grown in coastal elitists states. Many of the demonstrators identified themselves as political refugees to Idaho, having left California, Oregon and other states with a “no tolerance” policy towards traditional American liberties.

So-called medical experts are now seeking to require mask-wearing on a permanent basis, arguing that “it’s for your health” in claiming that mandatory masks will be necessary every winter to deter the yearly flu.

Imposing mandatory masks in a permanent fashion may have a damaging long-term impact on children’s physical and emotional health, leaving them with a stunted capacity to recognize facial expressions and body language. In addition, liberals have consistently opposed reopening schools, leaving children deprived of the life experience needed to form interpersonal relationships. If they get their way, American society will be left with a generation of socially stunted youth who know nothing more than putting on a mask.

Anthony Fauci expressed his frustration that states such as Texas were rejecting permanent mask and restriction mandates earlier this week, once again moving the goalpost. The highly-paid federal employee has admitted to embellishing his advice for purposes of what he sees as expediency, essentially admitting that he views the people as too ignorant to hear the truth.

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