Prosecutors Move to Drop Charges Against Russians Charged By Robert Mueller

Federal prosecutors have given a tacit admission of the pointlessness of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russian conspiracy probe one year after its conclusion, dropping charges against the Russian nationals accused of orchestrating an “election interference” operation in the United States during the 2016 election.

Court documents revealed that the prosecutors are dropping charges on Monday.

Concord Management is a Russian company accused of being the parent of the Internet Research Agency, another Russian entity that Mueller accused of running troll farms that post memes and comment online about the 2016 election. 12 employees of Concord Management were charged by Mueller for the supposed operation.

The individuals in question weren’t American residents, and only some of them were present in the country for a period.

The prosecutors overseeing the case against the Russians admitted that there was no chance the individuals, who live across the world, would be meaningfully punished for their supposed election interference operations.

The men were said to be agents of the Russian state intelligence agency known as the GRU. Mueller claimed that they were responsible for the infamous hack of the DNC’s email servers during the 2016 Democratic convention.

Concord, a Russian company with no presence in the United States and no exposure to meaningful punishment in the event of a conviction, promotes neither the interests of justice or the nation’s security… The better course is to cease litigation as to the Concord defendants.

It was quite obvious since the beginning that wire fraud charges against Russian residents with no presence in the United States was going to be a fruitless endeavor, but the Deep State’s man intended to deliver a gesture for the bureaucratic entity, regardless of the substance behind it.

Already largely forgotten, the Mueller probe appears set to enter the memory hole as little more than a pointless hoax in light of the dismissed charges against supposed “election interference” perpetrators.

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