Justice Department’s Hunter Biden Investigation Covers Foreign Ties, Potential Laundering

The Department of Justice’s investigation into Hunter Biden focuses on more than just tax compliance, according to reporting Wednesday night from Politico.

The Joe Biden campaign and Hunter Biden had claimed that the latter was only being investigated for his taxes. It now appears as if such a claim minimized the scope of the Biden investigation, which is being carried out by the US Attorney for the District of Delaware.

Politico’s report describes the Biden investigation in terms far more expansive than the younger Biden’s “tax affairs.” A person with direct knowledge of the investigation reportedly informed the outlet that Biden was being scrutinized for foreign business ties and potential money laundering. According to Politico’s source, Hunter Biden’s personal finances have also been investigated by securities fraud specialists of the DOJ’s Southern District of New York.

Federal authorities in Pennsylvania are also reportedly investigating a hospital business, Americore, of which Joe Biden’s brother, James Biden, is involved. An Americore hospital was raided by law enforcement in January, and James Biden was once identified as a principal of the company.

Former Biden family associate and whistleblower Tony Bobulinski claimed that James and Hunter Biden engaged in crony deals with state-affiliated Chinese corporations when he worked with them, utilizing their proximity to the former Vice President and speaking openly to Bobulinski of “plausible deniability” if they were probed by investigators for their connections with China.

Most famously, the troubled Biden son received a sweetheart deal from oligarch-owned Ukrainian oil company Burisma, in which he was paid $50,000 a month on the seeming basis of his relation to the Vice President.

Biden laptop whistleblower John Paul Mac Isaac has since gone into hiding, revealing that FBI agents had subtly suggested he remain silent on evidence of Biden family corruption contained in the troubled Biden’s former laptop.

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