JUSTICE: St. Louis Judge Removes Soros-Funded Prosecutor Kim Gardner From Political Hack Job Against McCloskeys

A judge removed Soros-funded Saint Louis prosecutor Kim Gardner from political prosecution proceedings against Mark and Patricia McCloskey, a couple who went viral over the summer after confronting marauding Black Lives Matter rioters trespassing on their property while armed.

5 On Your Side reported that Judge Thomas Clark disqualified Gardner from the criminal proceedings against the McCloskeys on Thursday. The St. Louis couple had filed to dismiss her from the case, citing pervasive evidence of prosecutorial misconduct, including evidence fishing attempts from a subordinate and campaign fundraising emails bragging about her efforts to railroad the couple into jail.

Clark cited Garder’s promotion of the charges against the McCloskeys in campaign emails, dismissing her from the case in a brief.

Ms. Gardner has every right to rebut criticism, but it appears unnecessary to stigmatize defendant – or even mention him – in campaign solicitations, especially when she purports to be responding to others,” he wrote. “In fact, the case law and Rules of Professional Conduct prohibit it.

Read Judge Clark’s full order granting the McCloskey’s motion to dismiss Gardner from the case here.

Clark’s dismissal of the left-wing Democrat prosecutor from the case will require that a special prosecutor be appointed by the presiding judge of the case. However, the overwhelming improprieties implicating Garder’s handling of the case now make it much more likely charges will be eventually dropped.

Mark McCloskey slammed the bunk charges in a statement after a court hearing in October.

What you’re witnessing here in this case is just an opportunity for the leftists, the Democrat government of the city of St. Louis to persecute us for doing no more than executing our Second Amendment rights. Every single human being who was in front of my house was a criminal trespasser.

They broke down our gate. They trespassed on our property. Not a single one of them has been charged with anything. We’ve been charged with felonies that could cost us four years of our lives and our law licenses.

Missouri Governor Mike Parson has pledged to pardon the couple-both lawyers- in the event that partisan prosecutors secure a bogus conviction on the bunk charges.

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