Justin Amash Being Crushed by Double Digits by Primary Challengers in Poll

New polling in Michigan’s third congressional district reveals anti-Trump libertarian congressman Justin Amash facing a difficult path to reelection.

Amash is trailing a primary challenger, State Representative Jim Lower, by ten percentage points. 17% of MI-3 Republicans support Amash, and 27% endorse Lower. The congressman, who bucked his party, joining progressive Democrats in backing the impeachment of Donald Trump, is tied at 17% with yet another state representative mounting a primary challenge, Lynn Afendoulis.

Tom Norton and Peter Meijer take 5% and 4% respectively in the Strategic National poll, which surveyed 400 Republican voters in Amash’s district from June 29th to July 1st.

Polling well behind relatively unknown primary challengers spells dubious prospects for Amash’s reelection, having represented the Grand Rapids congressional district since 2011.

The polling data supports the notion of Amash facing wide backlash from Michigan Republicans for supporting impeachment. Amash was forced to delete his own Facebook page on Wednesday, unwilling to accept harsh feedback from his traditional constituency unhappy with his decision to join hand-in-hand with Democrats in pursuing the removal of President Trump.

Facing abysmal polling around a year from an impending primary against low-profile challengers, it appears likely the Chinese-connected businessman and libertarian could be headed to similar pastures as retired anti-Trump Senator Jeff Flake, who was faced to bow out from his reelection for his constant agitation against the President.

With Amash out of the way, American patriots of Michigan’s Third District will very probably have a new Member of Congress focused on policy priorities, as opposed to Russia-conspiracy based leftist impeachment nonsense divorced from reality.


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