Justin Amash Just Lost One of His Biggest Backers: The DeVos Family

The DeVos family, the rich conservatives who are a mainstay of west Michigan GOP politics, have announced that they no longer support Rep. Justin Amash (R-MI) following his public endorsement for impeachment of President Donald Trump this weekend.

DeVos family spokesman Nick Wasmiller told the Detroit News that they have not contributed to Amash during this political cycle and “they have no plans to do so.” He says they came to this decision before Amash announced his belief that Trump was guilty of “impeachable conduct,” as they had noticed a decided shift from the Congressman.

“Family members have expressed increasing concerns about a lack of representation for their district, the 3rd Congressional, and I would say an inability to advance efforts connected to important policy matters,” Wasmiller said.

Amash refused to address news that he had lost the support of his long-time backers.

“I don’t have any reaction,” Amash said today before denying that his crusade against Trump is motivated by political ambition.

“My job is to defend the Constitution,” he said. “I’m laying out the information I want to lay out, and it’s not about, you know, getting on TV or anything like that. I want to make sure that I’m presenting it in the most clear-cut, sober way possible.”

Despite losing the support of the DeVos family, Amash still arrogantly dismisses primary challengers who have announced their opposition to him.

“It’s not serious,” Amash said today of his announced opponents, Michigan House Rep. Jim Lower and veterans rights advocate Tom Norton.

The DeVos family is currently undecided on whether they plan to support one of Amash’s announced opponents, or perhaps a future one as the Grand Rapids Congressman has become a lightning rod within Michigan conservative politics.

“I don’t think they’ve considered that up until this point,” Wasmiller said. “I think those folks have announced fairly recently, and (the family will) go through their standard review process to determine if they will support someone, and if so, who that is.”

Amash claims his stance having influence with unnamed GOP House members, and believes it may stir a drive to impeach the President from other Republican Congressmen who are now taking FBI spook Robert Mueller’s report more seriously.

“I’ve had people who, after I made my tweets, said, boy, they better review it more carefully now, and they hadn’t really gone through it before,” he said.

“When you read Volume Two and see the totality of it, it speaks for itself. So people who are baffled by it, I wonder how carefully they read Volume Two, because it’s there. There’s a difference between skimming the pages and actually reading it and understanding it,” Amash added.

Amash will likely continue to outflank most Democrats heading into 2020 as he attempts to form a bipartisan coalition to undermine President Trump.

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