Justin Amash: ‘There Is Room for a Third Party’ to Oppose ‘Trump’s Brand of Conservatism’

Rep. Justin Amash (R-MI) is enjoying his new star within the fake news media, as they continue to lavish the turncoat with praise due to his staunch opposition to President Donald Trump.

Amash recently talked to Vox where he continued to beat the drums for impeaching Donald Trump, a position that is to the left of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA). He also made hints that he will be joining the fledgling Libertarian Party at some point, after wearing out his welcome in the GOP.

“Most Americans, in my view, fall within the sphere of libertarianism or classical liberalism. They might not call themselves libertarian, they might not call themselves classical liberals, but they fall within that sphere and could support a party that presents those ideas. And so I think that there is room for a third party presenting those, that presenting that vision,” Amash told Vox.

“I think I have a better understanding of America as a whole than a lot of my colleagues here who think that America is just right-wing people and left-wing people,” Amash said arrogantly.

Amash lamented the fighting mentality of the Republican Party has gained under President Trump, as he feels that liberals should be coddled rather than defeated.

“It’s nationalism and populism and again, a sense of victimization, like the rest of society is coming after us and we’ve got to defend ourselves against that at all costs,” Amash said of the GOP under Trump.

Amash made note of his disdain for nationalism, which is evident from his pro-open borders voting record as a lawmaker.

“I started to hear [the word] nationalism more and more. And that’s a concept that really is about a love for your people simply by virtue of being your people, not related to any principles you hold or what your country stands for, what ideals you’re striving for,” Amash said.

“It’s about [how] Americans are just inherently better, or [how] particular Americans in some cases might be viewed as inherently better. And that’s a very dangerous ideology, and it is certainly not what this country was founded on,” he added.

Amash finished his interview by solidifying his commitment to diversity in order to further virtue signal to his new leftist supporters, without any regard to the outcomes. He is clearly happy making his votes and accomplishing nothing in terms of legislation.

“I recognize that America is a diverse place with a lot of different opinions and most of my constituents, like most of America, want us to go to Congress and do the job with integrity and honesty and follow a set of principles. And whether the outcome is right, left or in the middle, they mostly just want us to do our jobs properly. I have a lot of faith in the people I represent,” Amash said.

Amash will have a difficult time keeping his Congressional seat in 2020 being so out-of-step with his own political party, as several primary challengers have already emerged attempting to boot him from office. He will have prominent ‘Never Trump’ backers in his corner though hoping to prop him up, such as neocon warmonger Bill Kristol.

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