Justin Amash Trashes President Trump to CNN, Urges Nancy Pelosi to Start Impeachment Hearings

Rep. Justin Amash (I-MI) is reveling in publicity from the fake news media after abandoning his party and his constituents by leaving the Republican Party. During an interview by Jake Tapper on Sunday, Amash continued his push to impeach President Donald Trump.

“I do believe there’s a strong case,” Amash said to Tapper about impeachment. “I believe she believes there’s a strong case. And, if so, she should move forward and make sure that the American people understand what’s going on, because people at home aren’t reading the Mueller report.”

FBI spook Robert Mueller said in his report that there was no concrete evidence showing that Trump worked with the Russians to influence the results of the 2016 presidential election. Amash is pushing to impeach Trump despite the fact that he was exonerated.

“Most people don’t have time to read a 448-page report,”Amash said. “They expect their members of Congress to do the work for them. They want Speaker Pelosi to do the work. They want other members to do the work. And if she doesn’t want to go forward, then we’re going to have a big problem.”

Amash also urged House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) to begin impeachment proceedings against Trump. He is working alongside radical socialists like Reps. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) and Ilhan Omar (D-MN) to agitate for impeachment.

“From a principled, moral position, she’s making a mistake. From a strategic position, she’s making a mistake,” Amash said. “If she believes, as I do, that there’s impeachable conduct in there, then she should say so. She should tell the American people, we’re going to move forward with impeachment hearings and potentially articles of impeachment.”

“When she says things like, ‘Oh, I think that we need to have the strongest case before we go forward,’ what she’s telling the American people is, she doesn’t think there’s a strong case. If she doesn’t think that, then she shouldn’t open her mouth in the first place and say she thinks there’s impeachable conduct,” he added.

Amash left the Republican Party on July 4th, choosing to become an independent after making the announcement in an op/ed published by the globalist Washington Post. He was basically forced out of the GOP though, as he was getting crushed in the polls by his primary challengers.

Pushed by the mainstream media and neocons ‘Never Trumpers’ like Bill Kristol, Amash will try to keep his Congressional seat in 2020 if he does not decide to run for President in an attempt to peel off some of Trump’s support in a key battleground state.

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