Justin Fairfax Fired As Chairman of Democratic Lieutenant Governors Association

Fairfax Blames BLP For Sex Assault Allegation

Virginia Democrat Justin Fairfax is no longer the chairman of the Democratic Lieutenant Governors Association, following sexual assault allegations levied against him by a second woman, Meredith Watson, in addition to Stanford fellow Dr. Vanessa Tyson.

Fairfax is replaced by Bethany Hall-Long of Delaware and Cyrus Habib of Washington state.

“Lt. Governors Hall-Long and Habib have been leaders of this organization and are fully committed to making a meaningful difference in the future and direction of our country,” said the group’s executive director Roshan Patel.

Big League Politics reported:

Justin Fairfax refuses to quit, even after former Virginia Democrat governor Terry McAuliffe called for his immediate resignation.

Fairfax cites his passing of FBI background checks, which is one of the same explanations that Brett Kavanaugh’s supporters used to defend the baselessly accused Republican-nominated Supreme Court justice.

Justin Fairfax is now accused of rape by a classmate during his time at Duke University, according to her lawyers. This is the second allegation of sexual assault levied against the Virginia Democrat lieutenant governor, following Dr. Vanessa Tyson’s claim that Fairfax sexually assaulted her by forcing her to perform fellatio in a hotel room at the Democratic National Convention in Boston in 2004. Tyson has made it clear that she is willing to cooperate in an investigation of Fairfax, according to a source cited by the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

Evergreen Partners confirmed to Big League Politics that the firm is representing second accuser Meredith Watson.

Here is a yearbook photo of Fairfax at Duke University.


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