Kaitlin Bennett Slams Jim Carrey For His Psycho Painting Of Her

Actor Jim Carrey is quickly losing his mind, say many people who have seen his paintings.

With his film career on the down slope, and in the wake of his girlfriend’s suicide, Carrey has been devoting himself to making psychotic and terrible paintings of people in President Donald Trump’s orbit including Sarah Sanders, whom he portrayed as ugly (the painting did not look like Sanders because Carrey is bad at painting).

Now the Canadian-born faded star has turned his weird rage on Kaitlin Bennett, the student who brought an AR-10 to her Kent State University graduation and earned the respect of Second Amendment supporters everywhere.

Here is Carrey’s painting of young Bennett, whom Carrey referred to as “Goldilocks” and said something about the devil eating her:

Bennett did not back down in the face of bullying by a Hollywood has-been.

“Jim you should be the one in this picture with this caption. You’re the one that supports gun control policies that let these kids die. Is this what you have to do because you’ve become irrelevant? Disgusting. #GunControlKills,” Bennett replied.

Here is a trailer for a documentary about Jim Carrey making his Andy Kaufman movie, in which Carrey says that Universal Pictures did not want to release footage of him going crazy on the set because they did not want people to think he was an “asshole.”

Too late, Jim.