Kaitlin Bennett’s Gun At Graduation: The Image Of Our Times

Kaitlin Bennett, recent graduate of Kent State University, delivered the defining image in our recent campus political debates by showing up to the ceremony with an AR-10.

Bennett was attacked by the Left, including many reporters and other liberal observers who were intimidated by the size of the rifle but appeared to know little about guns.

The image of Bennett with her rifle represents an iconic moment in the push to embolden young people to resist their own campus tormenters (i.e. faculty) at universities that have been almost uniformly absorbed by progressive ideology and the suppression of opposing ideas that goes along with progressive ideology.

Bennett led the charge to return open carry at Kent State University, holding a pro-gun rally that earned her the ire of her own professor.

Big League Politics reported: Here is the assistant professor of political science Gabriella Paar-Jakli condemning the Kent State student conservative:

Bennett, who has become a face of the libertarian campus Right along with boyfriend Justin Moldow, and whom will now hopefully pursue activism full-time after receiving a probably meaningless college degree, recently appeared on Big League Politics’ “Howley Reports” to discuss her defection from the campus organization Turning Point USA, which she accused of being in-supportive, stifling and prone to a neocon foreign policy that if not countered will lead to Nikki Haley’s increased prominence in the conservative movement.

Watch Bennett’s Segment Here:

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