WATCH: Kamala Harris Attacks Rittenhouse ‘Not Guilty’ Verdict

Vice President Kamala Harris attacked the verdict of ‘not guilty’ on all charges in the homicide trial of Kyle Rittenhouse on Friday, diverging with President Joe Biden in offering more colorful criticism of the jury’s findings.

Harris made the remarks with disembarking from Air Force 2 in Washington DC.

The verdict really speaks for itself… As many of you know I’ve spent a majority of my career to make the criminal justice system more equitable and clearly there’s a lot more work to do.

President Biden had released a statement indicating he’s “angry and concerned” with the verdict, appearing to cave to pressure from national Democrats after initially merely respecting the jury’s findings.

National progressives and Democrats largely dismissed the evidentiary findings of the trial, instead relying on debunked mainstream media claims that left millions completely unaware of basic facts and findings surrounding the self-defense shootings in Kenosha on August 25th, 2020.

Appealing towards the lust for a judicial ‘hit’ on Rittenhouse could be one of the first indications Harris hopes to supplant Biden as the voice for national progressives, disregarding the rule of law and self-defense to deliver the emotional satisfaction Democrats sought through railroading Kyle Rittenhouse.

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