Kamala Harris Breaks Records with Historic Unpopularity

Vice President Kamala Harris’ unpopularity has reached historic levels, breaking all precedents, with her approval ratings being as low as virtually any politician ever recorded.

A new Trafalgar Group poll that was taken during Apr. 18-20 shows that only 28.5 percent of Americans approve of Harris with 62.6 percent of Americans disapproving of her and 8.9 percent having no opinion. Only 51 percent of Democrats approve of Harris while only 13.5 percent of Republicans and just 23.5 percent and independents support her. 

These numbers make the former U.S. Senator perhaps the most unpopular major political figure in recent memory. The full report from Trafalgar can be accessed here.

Big League Politics has reported on Harris’ growing unpopularity as the American public has gotten to know this awful woman and has continued to bottom out in recent years:

A poll has indicated that Kamala Harris could very well be the most unpopular vice president in US history through the first six months of a vice president’s term.

According to this YouGov graph, Harris’ unpopularity has recently surpassed her popularity among registered American voters for the first time since June 2020. As of last Saturday, July 24, the vice president’s unpopularity sits at 49 percent while her popularity comes in at 45 percent.

As reported by The Telegraph, an Economist/YouGov poll also revealed Harris’ unpopularity with young voters. Only 36 percent of voters aged 18-29 view her “favorably.” She is also struggling with Hispanic voters, perhaps due to her mismanagement of the southern border crisis.

Harris’ unpopularity after just six months in office surpasses that of Mike Pence and Dan Quayle, two former VPs who are often perceived as having unpopular tenures. Gallup polls from July 2017 show, according to The Telegraph, that Pence’s unfavorability was 41.9 percent, while his favorability clocked in at 42.1 percent.

As for Quayle, he had a disapproval rating of only 22 percent after six months, in contrast to 43 percent approval. Registered voters, however, were much more undecided about him than Kamala Harris. 34 percent were unsure of their view of Quayle in July 1993, whereas only 6 percent don’t know how they perceive Harris.”

Harris, who certainly greased many poles to get to nearly the top of the political realm, has crapped out at Vice President due to her overwhelming unpopularity. It seems that the Democrat power brokers won’t even let her supplant Biden, despite his humiliating cognitive collapse and complete inability to form thoughts. The Democrat Party is a party of human trash, and Harris embodies Democrat values perfectly.

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