Kamala Harris Endorses Mandatory “Buyback” Rifle Confiscation

Kamala Harris joined a growing contingent of Democrats on Friday when she endorsed the mandatory “buyback” confiscation of what she deems to be “assault rifles.”

She’s the third major Democratic presidential candidate to endorse the increasingly popular proposal, which has already been endorsed by Eric Swalwell and Beto O’Rourke.

The California Senator expressed her support of buyback confiscation while speaking to reporters after a campaign event in New Hampshire, stating that she “thinks it’s a good idea.” She hasn’t been as specific about her support for the gun control proposal as the other Democrats who’ve endorsed the policy have been, but it’s clear she supports it, in any case.

Under buyback confiscation, gun owners who own commonly owned semiautomatic rifles, such as AR-15s or “sporterized” semiautomatic AK-47s will have no choice but to sell their guns back to the government. Democrats such as O’Rourke have proposed instituting a series of fines on scofflaws who refuse to give up their guns with the hopes of making them finally sell the weapons.

Buyback confiscation would also be accompanied with an assault weapons ban, eventually fully removing any and all AR-15 style rifles from the hands of American citizens.

It’s possible support for buyback confiscation will soon become a litmus test for Democratic presidential candidates on the topic of gun control. Concerned citizens could witness a race to the bottom as the entire Democratic Party succumbs to supporting one of the most base and nakedly authoritarian policies witnessed in American history.

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