Kamala Harris Sponsors Bill Hindering Background Checks on Adults Claiming Illegal Children

A U.S. Senator from California is sponsoring a bill that would let anyone waltz into a holding facility for illegal children and claim them, regardless of the results of a background check.

“[Democrat Sen. Kamala] Harris has signed onto a bill in the Senate, which has a bipartisan House counterpart, that would bar ICE from using information uncovered in a background check to arrest an adult seeking to take in a child,” according toSan Fransisco Chronicle report.

The Chronicle report frames the Trump administration policy of checking the backgrounds of would-be caretakers of illegal children as inhumane, as some of those would-be caretakers are illegals themselves, and as such some have been arrested by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

But the point of the background checks is to protect children from being taken in by undesirables. It is not possible to verify the identity of illegal aliens – only their illegal status – meaning that any old illegal could claim a child by saying that they are are a relative.

That is another fine-print item of the current system.

“The government typically releases [illegal alien] children into the custody of a qualified adult, often a relative,” the report said.

How is that information verifiable without a background check?

The fake news media, in attempting to spin Trump as an evil monster, is aiding Democrats in doing away with safeguards meant to assure that children aren’t taken from holding centers and placed into the hands of strangers, which could lead any number of negative externalities.

The Chronicle report also claimed that most of the illegals who were arrested while attempting to claim a child “had no criminal record.” Apparently, the paper forgot that crossing the border illegally is a crime.

The whole leftist narrative on illegal immigration is a shame. In the interest of upholding the rule of law and keeping children safe from predators, illegal aliens should be background checked before claiming a child, and the whole family should be deported together for breaking the law. That would be a truly “bipartisan” solution to this problem.

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