Kamala Harris Staffer Plays Bogus ‘Technical Difficulties’ Card to Avoid Answering Biden, Manchin Question

Kamala Harris played a “technical difficulties” card to avoid answering a tough question from a progressive radio host on Saturday, with a Biden administration handler quickly cutting in and claiming she couldn’t hear host Charlamgane asking her about Joe Manchin.

The rap artist had asked Harris if she considered Joe Biden or Joe Manchin the real President. Manchin has proven a consistent thorn in the side of the establishment Democrats, refusing to sign off on the administration’s Build Back Better legislation. President Biden was recently forced to admit that he wouldn’t be able to pass the $2 billion progressive “infrastructure” bill before the end of the year, with Democrats facing a midterm electoral whipping from a public aware of the fact he hasn’t delivered anything.

The left-wing radio host realized the Vice President’s team was attempting to play a cheap political trick, clearly remarking that they were able to hear him and laughing as Harris handler Simone Sanders attempted to declare that they “couldn’t hear” Charlamagne and had to wrap up Harris’ interview.

“They’re acting like they can’t hear me,” questioned the Democrat radio host in an amused fashion.

Harris seemed upset with Charlamagne, accusing him of “talking like a Republican” and delivering an passionate defense of what she claims is the Biden administration’s policy “accomplishments.

President Joe Biden himself referred to Vice President Harris as the “President” during a commencement speech at South Carolina State University on Saturday.

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