Kamala Potentially Exposes Justice Ketanji Jackson to Virus

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Kamala Harris recently broke CDC guidelines during a “historic moment” when the first Black female Supreme Court Justice was confirmed. She was able to secure a photograph of herself for her resume, but she put the newly confirmed justice at risk of what has been reported as a very deadly disease in the process.

Regarding the mention of the incident, an enforcer for the Biden administration has come out against media allies for failing to brush over Vice President Kamala Harris’ careless hypocrisy. Newly confirmed Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson has potentially been exposed to COVID-19 by the vice president. And Politico committed the sin of mentioning it.

White House deputy communications director Kate Berner recently embarrassed herself with a sarcastic — and inaccurate — shot taken at the shade used in Politico’s rose-colored coverage of the Biden administration.

Berner saw a tweet by Politico reporter Adam Cancryn, in which he shared a newsletter that is filled with what you’d expect from a Politico newsletter: a highlight reel of anything that distracts from skyrocketing inflation, dangerous shortages and an international system that has now come, thanks mainly to Biden’s belligerent policies, very close to World War III.

The Twitter response by Berner seemed like a desperate plea masked in sarcasm: “A historic confirmation – Judge Jackson is Justice Jackson. Historic low unemployment claims. Historic international effort to provide relief on Putin’s price hike. Can’t find coverage of any of it in a newsletter that purports to report on the WH.”


In the interest of time, let’s not get into Jackson’s history and qualifications. And let’s look past the “low unemployment claims” that mask real unemployment numbers through calculated phrasing; the misnamed “Putin price hike,” that President Biden is almost entirely responsible for; and the alarming cooperation of “international” organizations to promote Biden’s disastrous actions.

So, what’s actually in the newsletter that has the administration so frazzled?

This edition of the “West Wing Playbook,” Politico’s now-targeted newsletter, is populated with puff pieces and carefully curated photographs showing the vice president, the administration and its allies in the best possible light. The writing romanticizes the Mezcal-infused goodbye to a “COVID czar” who has objectively failed at his “job,” along with triumphant reporting on the administration’s further provocations toward a nuclear-armed Russia.

But two other stories are covered in the newsletter.

First, there’s the underreported scandal involving Biden’s appointee, disgraced former Director of Science and Technology Policy Eric Lander. Second, and more notably, the newsletter points out in a section labelled “MASKING POLITICS” that Kamala, who has recently been exposed to COVID, was not wearing her mask as she presided over Justice Ketanji Jackson’s confirmation process.

In a room where no reporters were allowed to enter — only photographers — a glowing picture showing Kamala’s appreciation for the moment emerged for the media to print. It really was a great photo opportunity.

Unfortunately, somebody at Politico saw a connection between Kamala’s recent COVID exposure and her maskless appearance. And they happened to mention it — though, they certainly didn’t make a big deal about it.

According to the all-important CDC guidelines, those exposed to COVID-19 need to wear a mask for ten days after their most recent exposure, regardless of vaccination or booster status.

To be fair to Politico, Kamala’s unbelievable hypocrisy was buried as the last part of the second-to-last story in the newsletter, followed only by stories about self-destructive sanctions.

Sure, several important U.S. officials have now been exposed to a virus we’re all supposed to be throwing our lives and society away to defend against.

But this picture was totally worth it:




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