Kansas Bill Attempts To Erase Western Civilization, Renames Holiday

Kansas Columbus Day Indigenous Peoples Day

A Kansas bill seeks to join six other states in renaming Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples Day in an attempt to virtue signal to the left.

Newly emboldened Democrats in the Kansas House of Representatives have pre-filed a bill to add Indigenous Peoples Day, a holiday that “recognizes that [Kansas] was founded and built upon lands first inhabited by the indigenous peoples of this region”, to Kansas’ list of publicly recognized holidays.

Unhappy with merely adding a day celebrating the Native American Tribes of Kansas, including the Kanza and Osage, the bill would strike Columbus Day from the record, and replace it with the new holiday.

Ironically, the bill would also remove Native American Day, an existing Kansas holiday celebrated on the fourth Saturday of September in the state since 1945, from the list of state recognized holidays.

According to the text of the bill, Kansas would join Alaska, Hawaii, South Dakota, Vermont, and “a growing number of cities” if it makes the decision to erase Columbus Day from history.

In recent years, leftists have expressed moral outrage toward Christopher Columbus, the Italian explorer who was the first European to discover the Americas and report back to a European monarch in the 1400s. While Columbus’ actions are decried as violence, approaching on genocide, Kansas Democrats have failed to take note of the violent history of Kansas’ own indigenous peoples.

When European explorers first made it to Kansas, they discovered burned villages and dead bodies, and later learned that the Kanza and Pawnee tribes had been engaged in a perpetual, generational war since at least the 1500s, resulting in an untold number of casualties over the centuries, and the near devastation of both tribes.

Kansas Democrats have been brazened in recent days by the recent defection of three Kansas Republicans to the Democrat Party, something those who monitor their voting records knew was inevitable.

Democrats may also view this as an opportunity to thumb their nose at President Donald Trump, who heralded Columbus as “a skilled navigator and man of faith.”

Big League Politics reported in 2017:

President Donald J. Trump today proclaimed Monday Columbus Day and issued a proclamation without the tortured moral balancing act that marked his predecessor’s previous proclamations.

“Five hundred and twenty-five years ago, Christopher Columbus completed an ambitious and daring voyage across the Atlantic Ocean to the Americas,” said the president.

“The voyage was a remarkable and then-unparalleled feat that helped launch the age of exploration and discovery. The permanent arrival of Europeans to the Americas was a transformative event that undeniably and fundamentally changed the course of human history and set the stage for the development of our great Nation,” he said. “Therefore, on Columbus Day, we honor the skilled navigator and man of faith, whose courageous feat brought together continents and has inspired countless others to pursue their dreams and convictions — even in the face of extreme doubt and tremendous adversity.”

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