Kansas Senator Roger Marshall Introduces Resolution Barring Citizenship for Illegal Aliens Who Receive Taxpayer Benefits 

Kansas Senator Roger Marshall recently put forward a resolution that would prevent illegal aliens who rely on taxpayer-funded benefits from receiving citizenship. 

The Daily Caller was able to obtain the resolution. 

For perspective, the Trump administration classified any immigrant who obtained one or more public benefits for over 12 months within a 36-month timeframe as a  “public charge.” 

Section 212(a)(4) of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) determines that a noncitizen is inadmissible if they are “likely at any time to become a public charge,” per the DHS’s website

The Trump administration listed food stamps, housing vouchers, and Medicaid as welfare benefits that would bar an immigrant from obtaining a green card. Under the Biden regime’s new DHS rule, only migrants who receive cash benefits or long-term institutional care could be classified as a public charge.

“DHS’s proposed public charge rules continue our country down the dangerous path of incentivizing migrants to illegally cross our southern border. Granting citizenship to illegal aliens who would be dependent on federal benefits is a burden that American taxpayers and our national debt cannot afford,” Marshall remarked in a statement.

“The previous Administration made it clear to would-be law breakers that they would receive no support or citizenship from the American government,” Marshall continued. “We need to get back to policies like this if our country is going to have any hope at stopping the invasion at our southern border that started when President Biden took office.”

Marshall introduced the resolution on November 14, 2022. The Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) endorsed Marshall’s Congressional Review Act. 

“The Biden administration could care less about the ultimate stakeholder in our immigration system — the American people. That doesn’t only apply to a border that is being overrun, however. The public charge rule not only flouts Congress’ intent, it erodes the integrity of the legal immigration system and sticks it to American taxpayers,” FAIR’s Head of Government Relations and Communications RJ Hauman stated. 

“We encourage Senator Marshall’s colleagues to follow his lead and fight the Biden administration’s radical immigration policy agenda on all fronts,” Hauman continued.

Marshall’s measure is long overdue. Mass migration puts an already strained welfare state on the verge of total collapse. On top of that, the welfare magnet enables leftist parties to build clientelistic political machines among these migrants. 

The plan to Elect a New People is costly in both economic and cultural terms. If the Right doesn’t get serious about stopping mass migration, America will transform into a multicultural wasteland. 

Marshall’s measure is a good first step but much more steps must be taken to protect the Historic American Nation. This century could be the one where patriots preserve this great nation or the forces of multiculturalism destroy it altogether. 

The former can secure this country for future generations by implementing an immigration moratorium and a host of other reforms — abolishing chain migration, ending birthright citizenship, and implementing E-Verify among other measures. Any Republican who is not pushing these measures is not serious about defending this great nation. 

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